We are eager to contribute to the growth of individuals and corporations that are serious about careers.


Career development
for middle management

Our career consulting is centered on business persons over 30 with accumulated real-world business experience aiming to boost their careers. We believe that fully developing the careers for this group of “middle management” is the source for activating the corporation. Working toward this end, we are running “A-HUMAN career training” in which we support designing career paths of over-30s.


A trusted partner for human resources and organizations you can count on

The “A” in our company name, A-HUMAN, is for ambition. Our top-class consultants continue to have great ambitions, and that is our raison d’etre. Our consultants are required to attain Search and Recruitment Consultant certification; accreditation that is a licensing standard started by the Japan Executive Search and Recruitment Association.


Our detailed consultation
connects people with industry.

Our consultants with specialties in each field of industry contact candidates showing interest in changing careers by registering at our website, attending our seminars, or using scouts. Interviews serve as hearings so that we can know the kind of industry and job duties that candidates would like to take on. Consultation is to evaluate the skills they have acquired in their careers thus far. We then decide if a recruit is perfectly suited to the needs of a corporation, check upon their will and desire, and set up an introduction.

A-HUMAN has consulting specialists
in the following fields

  • IT/communications/

  • banking/securities/

  • medicine/healthcare/
    medical equipment

  • electrician/

  • engineering

  • food/bio/chemicals

  • automotive/auto parts

  • welfare/education

  • distribution/apparel/
    service industry

  • consulting firms

  • mass communication

  • management/

Service concept chart

Organizational structure to support both
candidate’s career development and client’s growth


  • 01 04

    Consultation done thoroughly and face-to-face

    Upon understanding the resource value of a candidate, a consultant provides a complete and enriching consultation that is upfront and face-to-face. There we can discover a new value for the candidate by solidifying the candidate’s career plans and giving advice on their next place of work. With our goal being to provide ‘happy careers,’ we have even more communication with consultees like never before and confirm all levels of satisfaction after the job transfer has been executed. It gives us great pleasure to realize ‘happy careers’, and to provide long lasting support for those careers.

  • 02 04

    Consultants with a high level of expertise are ready for action

    Our career consultants specialize in specific industries and because of their abundant knowledge of the industry, we are able to offer you the best recruiters, the best evaluation of skill, and the best career consultation. Most of our consultants are veteran professionals who have built solid careers for themselves in their respective industries. That is precisely why they have a fine-tuned grasp on business trends as well as the specific requirements for recruitment. It is also the reason they are able to provide a perfect evaluation of experience and skill, and even uncover ‘hidden assets’ that you may not have been aware of.

  • 03 04

    Every process is handled by one consultant

    We base our strength on our consultants’ abilities to handle every process from appointing interviews with corporate recruitment representatives, to searching for candidates, providing face-to-face career consultation, and follow-up. During interviews with candidates we think about the kind of job that a candidate is capable of, and during interviews with corporate recruitment representatives we assess the kind of recruit which the company requires. We believe that the best match between candidate and recruiter can be found through the management of one consultant.

  • 04 04

    Abundance of knowledge for recruitment strategies

    Our strength also lies in being able to cooperate intimately as an advisor with the recruitment departments of corporations as they carry forward with their business strategies. We believe that the fact that we take on many projects not publicized by companies is further proof of that strength. Human Associates Group, a multi-disciplined recruitment firm providing a wide range of services covering everything from recruiting and dispatch to searching for executives and employment counseling services like EAP (Employment Assistance Program), has what it takes to build solid business relationships.

Service flow

  • 01Entry

    Entry may be done through our homepage or through a recruitment aggregate website.
  • 02Interview

    After contact is made by telephone or email, we interview candidates to confirm their career status and each of their skills.
  • 03Introduction of

    New openings are displayed based on candidate desire and skill. After the candidate chooses an opening and has their suitability confirmed, we then submit an application to the given company.
  • 04Job interviews

    Candidate applications are screened and those selected proceed to the interview stage at the company. We set up the date and time, and in some cases we accompany applicants during the interview.
  • 05Job offer

    We offer to help proactively when modification to the terms of employment is required in the last stage of recruitment.
  • 06Follow-up

    We make close contact with the recruits whom we have introduced after they have entered a company and devote ourselves to advancing their profession and establishing them, working at the same time to maintain and continue a good relationship with the recruiting entity.

Corporate data

Name of Company
4th Floor Aoyama 1 chome Tower, 1-3-3 MinamiAoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
November 1, 2000
30 million yen
Type of Business
CEO, Kiyohiko Tsukada
Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry License Number